Heating & Air Installation


air conditioner Lawrenceville, air conditioner Suwanee, air conditioner John's CreekYour family’s comfort and safety is our top priority.  Home Mechanical provides the most reliable solutions ranging from heating, cooling and ventilation systems for use in your home. With the ever-increasing costs in energy, our professionals are always ready to offer the best equipment, energy savings and safety for your family.

We offer the latest in heating and air conditioning systems and deal with sales of the cooling, heating, and ventilation products in addition to their installation and maintenance.

Home Mechanical has a great reputation with our customers who are on the increase day by day, due to the ever-improving services we offer. As we provide these quality services, we have also gained much experience as to the kind of products required due to preference as well as the kind of installations needed by the bulk of our customers. Also, we have gained many contacts with the heating and cooling equipment manufacturers and because of this, it’s easy for us to install systems in the fastest time possible due to their obtainability. Lastly, our staff has gained a lot of experience in the maintenance and repair of these systems no matter how large the problem might be.

We are fully licensed and insured in commercial and residential heating and air conditioning services. For all heating and cooling installation, Home Mechanical can help you give you and your family comfort and peace of mind.


Home Mechanical offers commercial heating systems for public and industrial buildings. We are professionally managed and operated, well equipped to deliver quality heating appliances, installations, and systems to commercial locations. We provide hydraulic access for maintenance and service of heating system installation such as radiant tube heaters and suspended warm air heaters and heaters installed at high levels in commercial establishments.

Our advanced heating systems include trench-heating radiators that are not visible but very effective in keeping office environments heated. They are also ideal for combating cold down draught and condensation that is often seen. They are good to use in places where wall spaces are limited.

If you need to install radiant heating panels, our commercial heating system installers can provide them in several designs with quality and durability. They are designed for use with hot water, steam, or even thermal oil heating sources. They can be installed discreetly in the ceiling, wall or floors. Because of their easy to assemble design and light-weight feature, they can be used in any commercial environment.

We also provide gas boiler designing, installation and maintenance services. Our qualified engineers have expertise in boiler repair and have the knowledge with updated boiler technology and can carry out a comprehensive job to make sure that your boiler is in perfect working condition all year round in spite of of the climate.

Our installation team has the knowledge and expertise of commercial heating systems of all types. We can help you find the most affordable and effective solution to all your heating and air conditioning related matters. We are accredited and certified in commercial gas installation from the appropriate authority.

Any commercial heating system despite their dependability and warranty require maintenance and repairs, because of several factors that prevent them from working in ideal conditions. Home Mechanical has a low cost overhaul exercise that works effectively rather than having to buy a full replacement program.

You can expect to get the best heat exchange design systems, efficient heating designs fine-tuned to match your specific needs and a wide range of service and repair works.


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